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EBay’s Braintree Unit to Accept Bitcoin Payments

EspañolEBay will soon begin accepting bitcoin. The world’s biggest web marketplace announced on Monday that it will start integrating bitcoin through its subsidiary PayPal, providing 152 million users with the option to buy and sell in digital currency. “We’re announcing PayPal’s first foray into bitcoin,” said Bill Ready, CEO of EBay’s Braintree unit, in charge ... Read More

Trade Unions Set Their Minimum-Wage Trap

EspañolWhenever I read news related to the minimum wage, or any wages defined by political power instead of the market, I wonder: what drives authorities, trade unionists, and the usual do-gooders to be so unambitious? People need food, shelter, clothing, and entertainment. But do they really believe that a mere mandate of US$15 per hour can provide all of these essentials? ... Read More