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Red Hot Chile 01/10/2014

Radio Show Topic
  First show of 2014: fires, current events, politics, travels to the extreme south, heat, listener questions, slang words, Freedom Orchard update, Tompkins and the southern issues, Dr. Cobin interviewed by Reuters and Chilevisión TV
Radio Show Description
  Segment 1: Fires and heat in Chile, listener question from Aleksey on air pollution, last name not “Corbin”.
Segment 2: Answer to air pollution question and his second question on Uruguay as an expat choice, slang words, split in the Renovación Nacional (right) party, software problems with the Registro Civil.,
Segment 3: Comments from listeners on Puerto Aguirre and summary of the town, Dr. Cobin’s goal reached of visiting every town over 500 inhabitants on the mainland,
Segment 4: Waterfall bend, Río Cisnes, Douglas Tompkins, need for road to connect the south with the rest of Chile, interviews from the national and international press with Dr. Cobin this week, rise in gas prices, Freedom Orchard update.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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