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Red Hot Chile – 01/17/2014

Radio Show Topic
  Current events in Chile, dream spots in Chile, pension system, and Freedom Orchard update
Radio Show Description
  Segment 1: Slang for the week, Difficulties of learning Spanish, brush fires, longshoreman strike.
Segment 2: Freedom Orchard capital update, last call for pre-sales, Chile a great place for libertarians to come that are beleaguered in the Northern Hemisphere. End of YouTube video for today’s show.
Segment 3: Websites and information on Chile via the blog, books, conference call; consulting and residency services; leftist fantasy of free education of quality in Chile.
Segment 4: Terrorism in the 9th region, Chilean pension system versus returns in other OEDC countries (how the privatized Chilean system works and could be improved), Heritage ranking (Chile, 7th) for economic freedom, “dream trip” in Chile: top 4 places to go and visit.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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