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Red Hot Chile – 01/24/2014

Radio Show Topic
  Cultural Issues, Current Events (Int’l Court at the Hague), Dream Trip in Chile and Douglas Tompkins
Radio Show Description
  Segment 1: Housekeeping on websites, gas prices fall a little, new cap on payroll deductions, Obama reaffirms abortion but not Chile, slang words starting with “pagar”.
Segment 2: More housekeeping, dream trip through the 15 best spots in Chile (#1, #2, #10).
Segment 3: Dream trip through the 15 best spots in Chile, cont’d.
Segment 4: Int’l Court (Hague) decision on Chile-Peru sea border, Douglas Tompkins battle, What Chileans think about other Latin Americans–quick overview (ran short on time).
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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