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Red Hot Chile – 03/07/2014

Radio Show Topic
  Viña del Mar, current events, Galt’s Gulch, Guns and Gold coins
Radio Show Description
  Segment 1: Why Viña del Mar
Segment 2: Bachelet assuming power, current events and a little earthquake, slang words, Viña should be on the expat’s radar.
Segment 3: Galt’s Gulch Chile and Ken Johnson whining about how my comments are hurting him personally and GGC, Freedom Orchard update, dangers in Latin America and especially Costa Rica, gun rules in Chile (3 types of permission).
Segment 4: Guns (continued) and buying gold coins in Chile, what about starting a libertarian party in Chile? Problems with the right party now and even libertarians: mixing ambition and self interest without much cooperation.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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