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Red Hot Chile – 03/28/2014

Radio Show Topic
  Chilean culture, politics, education policies, protests in the early fall
Radio Show Description
  Segment 1: Iquique 300+ earthquakes, bridge to Chiloe, Dollar down to 552:1, Marine layer.
Segment 2: Foreign firm profits, train from Arica to Visviri to La Paz, March 22 Demonstration 25k people heterogenous, slang words, letter from Peter on residency for Nigerians.
Segment 3: Praise letter from David and on seeing me n Chile, non-profit university update (no profits can leave), culture of having one’s cake and eating it, too”.
Segment 4: Congressmen Jaime Quintana, Gabriel Boris (and Camila Vallejos) radical statements about undoing all libertarian economic policies in Chile, rebuttal by Bachelet government, Hermógenes P de A on equality, properties for sale on the EAN website, becoming a citizen/renouncing USA citizenship, briefly.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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