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Red Hot Chile – 05/16/2014

Radio Show Topic
Iquique broadcast (YouTube) with guests Bert Haywood and Richard Chaptini, current events, traditional women, Chilean model for living, most polluted cities in Chile
Radio Show Description
Segment 1: Iquique benefits for expats overview and comments by Bert Haywood.
Segment 2: Polluted cities in Chile, Valparaíso fire stats, sharp rise in inflation in April +0.6%, slang words, interview with expat hostel owner Richard Chaptini from Vicuña (near La Serena).
Segment 3: Get informed before you come! Avoid pitfalls, national debate on traditional women model (re good wife’s guide 1953 USA), Richard Chaptini comments on business opps in Elqui Valley.
Segment 4: Richard Chaptini comments continued, Chilean model for living in 2+ places, end of rate reduction for consulting services.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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