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Red Hot Chile – 10/11/2013

Radio Show Topic
  Letters from listeners, Galt’s Gulch Chile claims, news in Chile
Radio Show Description
  Overview: Some interesting stats from the USA and Chile, news in CHile, more questionable claim from GGC, responses to letters from listeners, slang words, books and blog.
Segment 1: Frank talk about questionable, exaggerated or false claims about Galt’s Gulch Chile; Freedom Orchard differences and need for investors.
Segment 2: More on GGC and FO, stats from the USA on dual citizenship, leaving the USA, etc., letter from Jan on homeschooling and expat groups.
Segment 3: Chilean social stats abortion, virginity, homosexuality; letter from Kevin, slang words of the week, falling gas prices, presidential debate avoided by Bachelet.
Segment 4: Letters from Steve and Kevin, getting a job in Chile, things hated about Chile/find familiar.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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