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Red Hot Chile – 10/18/2013

Radio Show Topic
Chile news and events, some more slang, and social customs for dress.
Radio Show Description
Segment 1: Big news: Chile qualifies for the World Cup (important in Chile), Obamacare exemption poss..
Segment 2: Populism of presidential candidates Matthei (tougher child support rules) and Parisi (private social security usage for a home down payment, abortion up to 10 weeks of gestation), along with some other views, furnished apartment in Iquique.
Segment 3: Slang words, letter for Christopher the chiropractor, bus fire, 46% of firms affected by crime in 2013, Chile 2nd in region for clean energy.
Segment 4: Sport jackets not used in Chile and other dress standards for men, drop in gas prices, huge rise in the price of farmland, quality of college educated workers (poor), Freedom Orchard a great project and we want more investors!
Scheduled Broadcast Date


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