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Red Hot Chile – 10/25/2013

Radio Show Topic
Update on happenings in Chile: Freedom Orchard Curacaví and Santa Cruz, Chile news
Radio Show Description
Segment 1: Election time in Chile 17 Nov and runoff 15 Dec, comments about the race and how permanent residents (foreigners) can vote.
Segment 2: Theory of selling votes and passports, ad for apartment in Iquique and Cabaña in Ensenada, slang words of the week.
Segment 3: Real estate prices rising dramatically in NE Santiago (consider them versus Viña del Mar), Freedom Orchard update and Santa Cruz development announcement (lots for US$14,900), for more info.
Segment 4: Avoiding value added taxes in hotels, Argentine inflation and Monsanto problems, letters from David (residency) and Ron (need to get out of the USA and interest in Freedom Orchard) and using Dr. Cobin’s services.
Scheduled Broadcast Date


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