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Red Hot Chile – 11/22/2013

Radio Show Topic
  Elections 2013 (disappointing), how congressional races work in Chile, slang words, GDP growth around the world, latest from Argentina, letters from listeners (evil index, Galt’s Gulch Chile), where leftists live, fuel prices, business and real estate outlook
Radio Show Description
  Segment 1: Chile GDP 8th best growth rate in the world, Argentina’s latest problems with inflation and corruption, overview of election results, letter from Dylan.
Segment 2: Chilean elections: what happened and what is at stake. “Doblajes” system explained.
Segment 3: Implications of elections, what a supermajority of the Left can do, slang words, letter from Ken on “evil Index.”
Segment 4: Listener questions from Les (Bachelet/Monsanto), Mike and Doug (Galt’s Gulch Chile), discussion about Dr Rima and Galt’s Gulch Chile problems, how to invest in Freedom Orchard (run by true libertarians), real estate and business outlook, slight raise in fuel prices due to the central bank, where do leftists live in Chile, why is the Left so ignorant?
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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