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Red Hot Chile – 11/29/2013

Radio Show Topic
Political and economic commentaries, developments and projects
Radio Show Description
Segment 1: Unemployment rate rises slightly to 5.8%, slang words, Chile still (relatively) the best place to live, Freedom Orchard in Curacaví & Santa Cruz (lower cost entry point).
Segment 2: Low voter turnout (49.3%) esp. on the Right, businessmen sentiment survey, populism of Matthei, OECD retirement age (Chile below average at 52% salary and age 70), how much to ritire for middle class, overall more political optimism.
Segment 3: Transfer service to Curacaví, regional development solutions via lowering taxes and allodial policy, Maathei populism worries.
Segment 4: Thanks to listeners, getting informed, buying a lot and building on it is cheaper, more Galt’s Gulch Chile nonsense, apartment for sale in Santiago and cabaña in Ensenada.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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