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Red Hot Chile – 4/4/2014

Radio Show Topic
  Iquique/Arica earthquake 8.2, other current events/issues, tax hike, private university student quality, Fundación para el Progreso, Líder and Jumo supermarkets in Viña del Mar, slang
Radio Show Description
  Segment 1: Iquique/Arica earthquake 8.2
Segment 2: Iquique/Arica earthquake 8.2 commentary, consulting services special $100 for radio show listeners
Segment 3: consulting services again, Líder and Jumo supermarkets in Viña del Mar. tax hike, mandate to play Chilean music on radio stations, gas cheaper in Viña del Mar.
Segment 4: private university student quality (low), Fundación para el Progreso, slang, recent blog entries, Día del joven combatiente. Sorry, did not get time to do listener letters today!
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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