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Red Hot Chile – 5/30/2014

Radio Show Topic
  Radical left program of President Bachelet and current events
Radio Show Description
  Segment 1: Upcoming Webinar (noon May 31st, for subscribers), get informed about Chile! slang words.
Segment 2: Critique of President Bachelet coming out in favor of decriminalizing abortion.
Segment 3: Helen Molin (Minst. of Heath) says that exceptional cases of abortion have nothing to do with values, Rest of Bachelet’s left social program critiqued, get the new waterproof Copec maps of Chile.
Segment 4: Current events affecting Socaire (blizzard), Villa O’Higgins (rockslide), gas price increase, motels in Chile (face-saving adultery centers), Mato Grosso connection with Iquique, Simon Black’s blunder about inflation and deflation coexisting, profits do not mean lower quality, real estate market in Chile still strong.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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