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Red Hot Chile – 6/20/2014

Radio Show Topic
  Not taking,the Blame, oil imports, largest telescope in the world going in, EAN membership and conference call, hydroelectric projects stalled, abortion, economic stats and politics, slang
Radio Show Description
  Segment 1: Introduction to services, no one takes the blame in Chile, slang phrases having to do with corruption.
Segment 2: Scam on Paraguayan passports, oil imports to Chile, conference call and EAN membership, economic stats, hydroelectric project stoppage, tax on diesel vehicle imports,
Segment 3: English speaking church n Viña del Mar, lots of tremors in places like Iquique, sunsets and nice weather, abortion issue continues to be fired and hot, rain and snow in the 4th region, apartment for sale in Santiago.
Segment 4: biggest telescope in the world coming to Antofagasta, state run AFP (Bachelet), AFP system details, salaries of leaders in public enterprises, letters from listeners.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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