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Red Hot Chile – 6/6/2014

Radio Show Topic
Interview with Luke Crowley, Relocation rally, slang words, good remark by Simon Black
Radio Show Description
Segment 1: Relocation Rally Sept. 27th, good Simon Black article this week “Humans tend to ignore the obvious warning signs”, he likes Startup Chile, Dr. Cobin does not even if it is “better” than other government programs, slang words.
Segment 2: Valpo the “killed city”, Libertad y Desarrollo Institute’s corruption perceptions index in Chile, rules of the residency program, interview with Luke Crowley.
Segment 3: Interview with Luke Crowley, and his 3 months in Viña del Mar; perceptions about daily life in Chile: transportation, relationship, dress, stray dogs, etc.
Segment 4: Interview with Luke and Lourdes Crowley; Show producer comments on Relocation Rally.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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