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Red Hot Chile – 8/23/2013

Radio Show Topic
  Current events and politics in Chile/Argentina and guests Ken Shields and Frank Szabo
Radio Show Description
  Intro: 230813 Teaser Red Hot Chile topics of the day, current events, politics, Evangelicals commenting, abortion, Chilean slang, introducing two guests
Segment 1: Help for the Matthei candidacy, Evangelical bishops supporting Bachelete, Argentina wanting to nationalize Lan Chile hangar, praise email from Greg
Segment 2: Libertarian pro-life theory, 3 Chilean slangs of the week, Frank Szabo comments on Freedom Orchard rumors and struggles with Spanish learning
Segment 3: Interview with Ken Shields about taxation of Americans in Chile including FBAR, FATCA and social security tax exemption.
Segment 4: Interview with Ricardo re visa and residency program, Frank Szabo on investment in Freedom Orchard, title, project status going strong.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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