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Statistics on Traffic Fatalities in Chile

Statistics on Traffic Fatalities in Chile

Pedestrians in Chile beware! The national daily paper Las Últimas Noticias reports on page 25 (Tuesday, 27 August 2013, see image of map below) that 39% of the 1,595 victims in fatal traffic accidents in 2010 were pedestrians, not far behind the 44% figure for motorists. Motorcyclists are only 5%, while 9% are bicyclists, and the remaining 1% fall into the “unknown” category. You have to wonder if, given the choice, Chilean drivers aim for pedestrians instead of other cars when they are going to hit something! On the other hand, Chilean pedestrian are quite imprudent and cross when and where they should not do so quite frequently. That fact seems to be a more likely explanation. (Note: The following images were taken from the internet, and probably did not occur in Chile.)

Nevertheless, Chile’s traffic accident mortality rate (12.3 per 100,000) is far lower than any other place in South America except Argentina, which is almost as low (12.6). Paraguay (21.4), Uruguay (21.5), Brazil (22.5), Ecuador (27.0) and Venezuela (37.2) are much higher, although rates of pedestrian fatalities are lower in Brazil (23%), Argentina (15%) and Paraguay (28%) than in Chile. So either Chilean drivers are more careful or they are more precise. Either way, it pays to be careful when walking in Chile!

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