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Unemployment in Chile Drops to 5.7%

Unemployment in Chile Drops to 5.7%

In Santiago, the figure remains at 5.3%. All the major press in Chile, such as El Mercurio, reported the latest figures for each region of Chile. In the 10th Region (Puerto Montt, Orsorno) the unemployment rate is an incredibly low 2.8%, while further south in the 11th and 12th regions (Coyhaique, Punta Arenas), the figures are not too shabby either: 4.2% and 4.8% respectively. La Serena’s region (4th) had the highest rate (7.4%), followed by Temuco (9th Region, 7.3%) and Concepción (8th Region, 7.0%). The northern most regions of Chile, mining territory, ranged from 5.2% to 5.9%. The rest of the mid-section ranged from 5.4% (Rancagua, 6th Region) to 6.7% (Valparaíso, 5th Region). Overall, Chile is doing very well economically-speaking.

Your place of refuge in Chile is in Freedom Orchard, located near Curacaví, which has some of the lowest unemployment in Chile.

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