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Chilean Journalist Association Gives El Mercurio Owner the Boot

EspañolThe Ethics Tribunal of the Association of Journalists in Chile has expelled Agustín Edwards Eastman, owner of newspaper El Mercurio, on two counts of unethical behavior. The Association’s resolution expelling Edwards comes after an investigation initiated in November against the newspaper owner. The Association of Journalists in Chile have expelled El Read on PanAm Post……………………… ... Read More

Are Street-Harassment Laws Necessary?

Victims Need Legal Recourse By Pamela Olivares The Observatory Against Street Harassment of Chile (OCAC Chile) promotes legislation on street sexual harassment, a serious social issue we have been denouncing since 2013. This year, in our second research paper on the subject, our cause was verified by Chilean citizens. In the past year, three Read on…………………… ... Read More

Corruption in Politics: Chile’s Gordian Knot

Student protests have thrown the crisis generated by corruption in Chile into sharp relief. (El Arsenal) EspañolIn a bizarre turn of events, Chile’s political class are united as never before in trying to discredit the idea of a growing institutional crisis in the country. It’s a tough job, given how multiple Read on PanAm Post……… ... Read More

Chilean Students Demand Education Reform, End to Political Corruption

EspañolOn Thursday, April 16, thousands of Chilean students streamed onto the streets of Santiago to protest against recent corruption scandals plaguing Chile’s political class and delays in education reform. Chilean education reform has been subject of controversies during the last four years. (@gbastidas) Police reported that about 20,000 people participated in the march, including high school Read on PanAm…………… ... Read More

Chilean Mining Firm Investigated for Tax Evasion, Illegal Donations

EspañolHigh profile corruption scandals in Chile continue to pile up, implicating both the governing and opposition coalitions parties, and even reaching as high as the office of President Michelle Bachelet. The latest Chilean political corruption scandal involves the Sebastián Piñera and Michelle Bachelet administrations. (Wikimedia) On Thursday, April 2, the Chilean Internal Read on PanAm……………………… ... Read More

Marijuana Bill Takes First Steps in Chile’s Congress

EspañolA bill that would remove marijuana from the list of hard drugs, classifying it as a soft drug like alcohol, is set to be debated by Chile’s Congress in full after approval at the committee stage. Government reluctance is likely to delay the passage of the law by months if not years. Read on PanAm Post…………………… ... Read More

Chilean Courts Defend Same-Sex Parenting Preschool Book

EspañolOn Tuesday, the Constitutional Tribunal and Court of Appeals of Valparaíso in Chile ruled that Nicolás tiene dos papás (Nicolás Has Two Dads), the first Chilean children’s book about sexual diversity and same-sex parenting, does not violate children’s rights and may legally be made available in preschools. The decision is a victory for Read on PanAm Post…………… ... Read More

Reelection and Corruption: A Dangerous Mix for Democracy

Four consecutive governments by the Workers’ Party in Brazil have led to endemic corruption. ( EspañolWith the return of democracy to Latin America at the end of the 1980s came constitutional regimes, the majority of which limited presidential reelection. However, this soon changed: following the example of the government (soon turned Read on PanAm Post

Fresh Evidence Emerges in Chile’s Presidential Corruption Scandal

The Caval case has seen Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet’s approval ratings drop by 18 points. (Primicia Diario) EspañolOn Friday, March 20, a second contract came to light newly implicating Sebastián Dávalos, the son of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, in the alleged use of his political influence to secure a US$10 million bank Read on PanAm Post

Bachelet Gives Chilean Feminists a Shot in the Arm with New Ministry

President Michelle Bachelet went all out for International Women’s Day, hosting a celebration in Santiago and announcing the creation of a new government ministry specifically for women in Chile. (@GobiernodeChile) This year’s International Women’s Day proved to be a major coup for feminism in Chile. President Michelle Bachelet hosted the Sunday celebration Read on PanAm Post