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Red Hot Chile – 8/2/13

Teaser: Topics of the day, blog and book ordering info.
Segment 1: Evelyn Matthei presidential candidacy and libertarianism, Freedom Orchard letters to the editor widely published, garbage collectors strike, Teresa Marinovic, Chilean libertarian.
Segment 2: NSA, zoo has baby pigmy hippos, Simon Black letter re Galt’s Gulch Chile.
Segment 3: Comments on Simon Black announcement to put his project on hold and criticisms of GGC and FO, promotion of FO policies and preparation, ahead of all other SC projects in Chile, need for investors still.
Segment 4 Replies to Simon Black announcement clarifying Freedom Orchard policies and practices, discarding the errant statements of Simon, agreeing with other remarks.
The show airs live at noon EST every Friday, then periodically throughout the weekend until Monday afternoon when it is available in the player.

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