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Chile’s Immigration Is Only A Problem Thanks to the Welfare State

EspañolChile has become an interesting destination for many Latin American immigrants who wish to leave their native countries to try their luck at a better quality of life. This has caused the immigration rate into Chile to increase significantly in the last 10 years — reaching two percent, which is far from the Read on PanAm Post Read ... Read More

Chilean Minister Apologizes for Public Stunt with Inflatable Sex Doll

EspañolFollowing controversy over a gag gift inflatable doll intended to “stimulate the economy,” Chile’s Minister of Economy Luis Felipe Céspedes and President of Asexma Roberto Fantuzzi are issuing apologies. At a dinner held for the Association of Exporters and Manufacturers, a symbolic gift is traditionally given to the minister who assists on behalf Read on PanAm Post ... Read More

Chilean Realtors

One good (Chilean) friend of mine says they are just lazy. Nonetheless, I would like to think that Chilean realtors are also incompetent, uncreative, and not very good problem solvers. They have a hard time thinking out of the box, too. They have no multiple listing service and are reluctant to share commissions with other ... Read More

Chilean Economy Stops Growing for First Time in 7 Years

Español For the first time in seven years Chile‘s economy is not growing; this is principally due to the decline in manufacturing and mining activities. This could potentially prompt the Central Bank to cut interest rates in an attempt to boost growth. Chile’s banking authority announced on Monday that October economic activity Read on PanAm ... Read More

Argentina Excluded from Global Education Ranking, Chile Leads LatAm

EspañolArgentina has not been included in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s ranking of education quality because the information provided by the country was deemed insufficient. The OECD-designed PISA test evaluates the academic performance of 15-year-olds in 71 countries around the world in math, science and reading comprehension. It’s been conducted Read on PanAm Post ... Read More

A Couple of New Scams by “Friendly” Chileans

Chile is well-known for its scams. It is society built on lying, cheating, stealing, dishonesty and deception. I do not know how I can put it more plainly. Yet, those of us raised in other cultures, even after living here many years, can still be blindsided by criminals and scammers. Thus, one can imagine how ... Read More

Chile to Revamp Immigration Law as Influx Statistics Reach New Heights

Español Immigration in Chile has increased so much that officials are now discussing legislation to get it under control. Presidential Spokeswoman Paula Narváez said it is among a list of projects that are now being prioritized in Chile’s legislature, and will, according to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, be sent to Congress this presidential term. Pre-candidates Read on PanAm ... Read More