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Chilean President Bachelet Hit Hard after Suing Magazine

  Bachelet said she filed the suit to protect her reputation and honor (wikimedia) Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has been under fire this week after filing a legal complaint against the magazine Qué Pasa, which published transcripts of a conversation related to the events being investigated in an ongoing trial involving the

United States Loses Crown of World’s Most Competitive Economy

The United States is no longer the leader in economic competition falling to the 30th position. (Summa) Español Mexico fell six places in 2016 global competitiveness rankings in the Global Competitiveness Index IMD, which analyzes 61 economies and was prepared by the Business School of Switzerland. Mexico now occupies the 45th position, having fallen from last year’s 39th

Townhouse with View Reñaca

Beautiful ocean view in the world’s best climate! 2 stories, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 5 big closets, balcony. Brand new building with three units (or townhouses). One is for sale. Perfect for newcomers from North America or Europe. PRICE 8,700 UF (around 226 millon pesos in June 2016) June 2016 equivalent USD … Read More

Latin America Is a Cautionary Tale about Socialist Experiments

Socialism shows that words are very powerful weapons, as propaganda has so effectively controlled people’s beliefs. (Wikipedia) EspañolSocialism of the 21st Century shows that the movement has more or less gone unchanged over time — regardless of when or where it was implemented — and has also failed throughout history with always a different excuse:

The Jury Is In: Latin America’s 21st Century Socialism Has Failed

Argentina’s Kirchner and Rousseff are out of power, Maduro is about to leave, and Morales failed to achieve indefinite reelection. (Ideas de Babel) EspañolAt the beginning of the century, it was conceivable to think of Latin America as being in a socioeconomic and cultural movement completely dictating the political destiny of South America. The

Trump and the Next Wave to Chile

If I were still an American, I would not be a Republican (unless Ron Paul is running!) or a Democrat. I am a libertarian. I favor free trade, not concocted regulated trade manipulated by USA war mongering or special interests that is labeled as “free trade.” I am not in … Read More