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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Red Hot Chile – 10/25/2013

Radio Show Topic Update on happenings in Chile: Freedom Orchard Curacaví and Santa Cruz, Chile news Radio Show Description Segment 1: Election time in Chile 17 Nov and runoff 15 Dec, comments about the race and how permanent residents (foreigners) can vote. Segment 2: Theory of selling votes and passports, ad for apartment in Iquique and Cabaña in ... Read More


For the past six years I’ve been blogging on Google’s free Blogger service. At first it was an experiment and sort of a hobby. But after a while demand grew, resulting in my consulting service as well as the visa and residency service. I’ve also had the opportunity to get involved with various real estate ... Read More

Bloated Fed Balance Sheet Propelling Market Rally

  With the S&P 500 in uncharted territory, mainstream financial media outlets have been busy cherry picking economic statistics to explain away the market’s puzzling historic ascent. Like preceding surges, the rally’s latest chapter is disconnected from the real economy’s fundamentals. Instead, what we are witnessing is the direct result of an unprecedented expansion of ... Read More
Voting in Chile as a Foreigner

Voting in Chile as a Foreigner

     Some foreigners (non-citizens) can vote in Chile. They have to be permanent residents who have been in the country at least five years that are over the age of 18. Voter registration is automatic and goes according to one’s last known address. You have to be in Chile at your designated precinct to ... Read More
Avoiding the Value Added Tax in Hotels

Avoiding the Value Added Tax in Hotels

     There are a shrinking number of benefits these days to having an American passport and, although European passports are much better, they too can provide some unpleasant side effects in certain hostile countries. Sometimes, these passports require extra taxes Americans, Canadians, Albanians, Mexicans and Australians all get the privilege of paying the “reciprocity ... Read More

Red Hot Chile – 10/18/2013

Radio Show Topic Chile news and events, some more slang, and social customs for dress. Radio Show Description Segment 1: Big news: Chile qualifies for the World Cup (important in Chile), Obamacare exemption poss.. Segment 2: Populism of presidential candidates Matthei (tougher child support rules) and Parisi (private social security usage for a home down ... Read More

Rigging the Game with Impunity

By Justin Spittler, Hard Assets Alliance Analyst Lately, it seems as though a week doesn’t go by in which a major financial institution isn’t entangled in accusations of fraud, market manipulation, or some other unscrupulous behavior. Last summer, it was the Libor price-fixing scandal that captured headlines. Proving that the incident was far from an ... Read More

Knowing Chilean Culture: Al Sur del Mundo

     If you are interested in learning more about Chilean culture, and can understand Spanish, you should check out the famous television series that ran for years during the 1980s and 1990s. It is called Al sur del mundo and all of the many dozens of episodes (around 50 mins. each) are available on ... Read More

Red Hot Chile – 10/11/2013

Radio Show Topic   Letters from listeners, Galt’s Gulch Chile claims, news in Chile Radio Show Description   Overview: Some interesting stats from the USA and Chile, news in CHile, more questionable claim from GGC, responses to letters from listeners, slang words, books and blog. Segment 1: Frank talk about questionable, exaggerated or false claims ... Read More
Using Sport Jackets in Chile

Using Sport Jackets in Chile

     North Americans and Europeans stand out in Chile for a number of reasons. One of the most prominent reasons is the way they dress. Americans tend to be particularly sloppy, according to Chilean standards, wearing sweat pants (for instance) outside of the gymnasium. They also go out with wrinkled clothing and wear notably ... Read More