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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Red Hot Chile – 02/28/2014

Radio Show Topic   Special guest José Niño; radical feminism affects Chile’s public policy, tough luck for libertarians that stick their necks out in Chile Radio Show Description   Segment 1: Divorce policy and how radical feminism has affected Chile’s public policy. Segment 2: José Niño why chile? what’s the attraction? What pushed you out ... Read More
Day 518 of 1827: Bangkok

Day 518 of 1827: Bangkok

When I started Five Years Abroad a year and a half ago in Medellín, I was completely overwhelmed by all of the unfamiliarity of my surroundings. I didn’t know the language nor the culture, I had no idea what to expect, virtually no network to speak of, and it became obvious very quickly that I was ... Read More

Red Hot Chile – 02/21/2014

Radio Show Topic   All sorts of stuff: in or about Chile, first getting to Chile, where will you and will it be too hard to goo or to stay? Big think stuff. Radio Show Description   Segment 1: Where will you go? Why should you stay? Is it harder to go or to stay? ... Read More
Day 510 of 1827: Important Pieces of Paper

Day 510 of 1827: Important Pieces of Paper

Over the course of the past 500-odd days, I’ve had to overcome many challenges. I’ve been kidnapped by overcrowded buses; I’ve dealt with passive-aggressive homeowners; I’ve faced off against vicious attack dogs and poisonous spiders. But today, finally, I went up against my greatest adversary yet: The bureaucracy. So, last week,  I went to the ... Read More

A Sober Discussion About Immigrating to Chile

Too many expats think that they’ll get the red carpet treatment just for arriving in Chile. Showing up with nothing and no ability with Spanish is a recipe for disaster. This is made even worse if you’re not willing to just hunker down and do whatever it takes. Pioneers rarely have it easy. And an ... Read More

Red Hot Chile – 02/07/2014

Radio Show Topic Current events in Chile, listener questions, Ken Shields on Tax Time for beleaguered Americans, and Freedom Orchard update Radio Show Description Segment 1: Sub-secretary of education nominee withdraws, dollar rises on central bank bungling, Viña road quality, Bachelet no so radical. Segment 2: Stray dog problem, air traffic increase in visitors, Bachelet ... Read More

What do Chileans Think of Other Latin Americans?

     In general, Chileans are very fond of North Americans and Europeans, not to mention folks from Australia and New Zealand. That fact has been widely acclaimed both on my blog and elsewhere on the internet. But just what do Chileans think of other Spanish speakers? Obviously, they have a fraternal connection with Spain, ... Read More
Day 497 of 1827: 2014 Goals

Day 497 of 1827: 2014 Goals

I just got back from the US embassy after getting pages added to my passport. This thing looks ridiculous.  Moreso than usual, I mean. And no, visiting the US embassy doesn’t count as “setting foot in the US” during my Five Years Abroad.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. So January’s past, 2014 ... Read More