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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Notary and Recorder Monopolies in Chile

Notaries (notarías) and notarial services are vastly different in Chile than they are in places like the United States. A notary designation is not easy to get in Chile, and a notary does far more than just verify the veracity of the signer. In many cases, notaries offer legal advice, too, the liability associated with ... Read More

Cuba Blocks Daughter of Chilean Ex-President Aylwin from Traveling to Award Ceremony

EspañolDaughter of former Chilean President Patricio Aylwin said she was prevented from flying from the Santiago airport to Havana, Cuba this week. Matiana Aylwin, also a former Minister of Education, said that when she arrived at the counter of Copa Airlines, she was informed there was an entrance prohibition filed by the Cuban government. Read Read on PanAm ... Read More