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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Local Household Moving in Chile

     Labor costs are cheaper in Chile than other First World countries, but more expensive than Third World countries, including the rest of Latin America (which are perhaps 40% to 70% less). Chilean laborers typically earn 20,000 to 30,000 pesos per day, about USD $35 to USD $50, with movers being on the lower ... Read More

Chilean Police Headquarters Firebombed, Three Officers Injured

EspañolOn Monday, around 10 people wearing hoods and overalls attacked a police station in the Chilean capital, Santiago. Assailants threw five incendiary devices which left three policemen injured and three vehicles in flames. Unknown assailants used Molotov cocktails to attack police headquarters in Santiago, Chile. (@tvn_gonzalo) “There was a moment when Molotov

Pacific Alliance, Mercosur Reps Talk Shared Global Presence in Chile

EspañolOn Monday, representatives from Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance met during a special summit held in Santiago, Chile. The series of meetings dubbed the “Dialogue on Regional Integration: Pacific Alliance and Mercosur” are aimed at increasing intra-regional trade, and strengthening the trade blocs’ presence internationally. Representatives from Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance

Offshore Banking in the Age of FATCA: Part 3

Today’s article is the third and final of Ryan’s series on banking and FATCA. Please click these links to read Part 1 and Part 2. Reputation, Reliability, and Service Level of a Particular Bank In the U.S., we are somewhat spoiled with online banking and speedy service. Banks in many other parts of the world ... Read More

Chilean Teachers on Strike over Bachelet’s Education Reform

EspañolNearly 50,000 Chilean public school teachers have been on strike for over 10 days, demanding a series of employment benefits be included in President Michelle Bachelet’s education reform. Jaime Gajarado, president of the teachers union, College of Teachers of Chile (CPC), had reached a prior agreement with the ruling party. However, union

Chileans Take to the Streets to Demand New Constitution

EspañolOn Sunday, thousands took to the streets of Santiago and other Chilean cities to demand a constituent assembly to reform the nation’s Constitution, one of the promises President Michelle Bachelet made during her presidential campaign last year. Chilean protesters demand constitutional reform, rejecting the current constitution over its association with the

Axel Kaiser: “In a Society of Slaves, There Will Never Be Progress”

EspañolI immediately recognized him from his Chilean accent during a coffee break at the International Congress of Austrian Economics, held earlier this week in Rosario, Argentina. Axel Kaiser, executive director of the Foundation for Progress, was wrapping up a conversation with other attendees, black coffee in hand, when he accepted

Offshore Banking in the Age of FATCA: Part 2

In my last article, I discussed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) as well as other foreign banking disclosure laws which U.S. citizens and residents must deal with. I also discussed our enormous federal debt, and why placing a nest egg offshore may someday be necessary to one’s financial survival. In this article, I’ll

EscapeArtist Chile Update: November 2014

October was a blur. I got to spend five weeks in Chile getting some things in order and preparing for next year’s extended stay. While Frank holds down the fort in Chile, having expatriated there over two years ago, I continue making the commute.  I’m getting my foundation set up there, in order to prepare ... Read More

Offshore Banking in the Age of FATCA

Earlier this year, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was implemented. As a result, many foreign banks will no longer do business with U.S. persons. Banks that continue to accept U.S. customers must either enter into a treaty to disclose U.S. accountholder information to the federal government annually, or 30% of funds will be