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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Plight of Construction Workers in Chile

     Governments usually foul things up worse than they already are, especially when its intervention is propelled by Marxist and socialist doctrines. Such has been the case in Chile, although public outrage has stymied the worst of leftist policies from being implemented in 2014. Moreover, the future is bright in Chile. It seems less ... Read More

Headphone Users the Next Outlaws on Chile’s Streets?

On Friday, December 19, a group of deputies presented a bill to the Chilean Congress to criminalize the use of headphones in public spaces. The proposal seeks to reduce traffic accidents and promote a cultural change whereby young Chileans “learn to take care of themselves.” Deputies Loreto Carvajal and Daniel Farcas

EscapeArtist Chile Update: December 2014

As we draw to a close in 2014, it’s exciting to look back and consider all that’s happened this year. Readers wouldn’t know this, but it was about a year ago that I started talking to EscapeArtist about the need for a Chile portal. They had a few wonderful destinations (and need more – a work ... Read More

Chilean Deputies Raise Call for Consecutive Presidential Terms

EspañolA group of deputies from Chile’s governing coalition New Majority have proposed a congressional bill that would allow presidents to be reelected to consecutive four-year terms. The bill’s backers denied it would apply to current President Michelle Bachelet, elected in October 2013, in allowing her to run for a another

Norte Chico, Pucón & Villarica – Travel Log

Do you like the countryside around where you live? Is it peaceful and quiet? Are there lots of wildlife and flowers that leave sweet fragrances in the air? Well if you do then you are going to love Chile’s countryside. I’ve been able to experience two types of countryside outside of Santiago de Chile; the countryside north ... Read More

Education We Want, Not What Politicians Provide

Español “What a coincidence!” I thought when I read PanAm Post reporter Belén Marty’s interview with Canadian philosopher Stephen Hicks. My own thoughts and reflections happened to be revolving around education, specifically its relationship with freedom, diversity, and — no matter how cheesy it sounds — human happiness. In a time when Chile

UK Ship in Chile Revives Falklands Controversy with Argentina

Español British destroyer HMS Dragon arrived in Chile on Friday, November 28, to take part in the Exponaval 2014 exhibition, an international naval defense fair held at the Viña del Mar Naval Base on December 3-5. The arrival of the HMS Dragon in Chilean waters, however, was poorly received in neighboring Argentina. Argentinean

Roberto Ampuero: One Man’s Escape from Communism’s Clutches

Roberto Ampuero experienced the constant fear and repression of life under a socialist regime in East Germany. (University of Minnesota) EspañolTo read Nuestros años verde olivo (Our Olive Green Years) and Detrás del Muro: novela de mi memoria imprecisa (Behind the Wall: A Novel of My Imprecise Memory) by Roberto Ampuero, where he narrates his life

2014 Maratón Internacional: Viña del Mar

Now that sounds like fun! I had been awakened by loud music and a woman’s voice over loud speakers … somewhere outside. It sounded like it was almost right outside my window. Since I had just arrived in Reñaca again, I really had no idea what was going on in town. Sometimes you just never know ... Read More