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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Viña Stock-bus Racing: Part 1

At first it was all intimidating to me. The buses with various numbers, colors and unfamiliar destinations, were overwhelming. My Spanish is still poor enough that communication can be quite a challenge, especially when folks are trying to hurry.

Chilean Parents Rise to Protest Anti-Profit Education Reform

The “Not Like This” movement rallied protesters against Bachelet’s education reform. (ANLQ Facebook) EspañolA mass demonstration took place in Santiago, Chile, on Saturday, against the education reform proposed by the ruling New Majority (NM) coalition. Demonstrators rallied around the slogan #LaMarchaDeLosPapas (the parents’ march). The policy in contention seeks to end profits in accredited educational institutions,

A Rich Surprise in a Beautiful Valley: La Bota de Olmué

I love surprises. No, not when someone jumps out and startles me. I’m talking about the sort of surprise that delights you – the sort of thing you don’t expect, but find out you were looking for without knowing it was even there to look for.

Press Association Points Finger at Latin America’s Free-Speech Violators

Freedom of the press in Latin America faces serious challenges, according to the Inter American Press Association (IAPA). The organization presented a report at their 2014 General Assembly in Santiago, Chile, highlighting issues dealing with media censorship, self-censorship, attacks on journalists, and the discretionary use of official advertising. The IAPA, a

It’s the Economy, Chile

The “Chicago Boys” applied free-market reforms to Chile in the 1970s. (Cinema Chile) EspañolI was surprised this week to see one of the most important events in Chilean economic history go almost completely unnoticed, lending credence to the old saying “good news is never news.” A recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) report focused

Economics of City Buses Outside of Santiago

     Most newcomers will land in northeastern Santiago. It is too convenient and the transition is easier there than in the rest of the country, with the possible exception of Viña del Mar. In Santiago, public transportation works fairly well, even if crowded and erratic in terms of timetables. And the system of using ... Read More

Echinuco: Encounter Chilean Cuisine and Wine – Part 2

< !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> As I walked around  Echinuco, I discovered the largest empanada I’d ever seen. For those unfamiliar with them, empanadas are basically turnovers, made from flour dough, with meat and vegetables inside. They can be baked or fried. Chilenos have their own special way of making them. They’re ... Read More

There Are Terrorists There!

< !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> by guest writer, Frank Szabo   This kind of thing just doesn’t happen here. Reflecting on our Lives in the US In the summer of 2012, our aged dog wandered over to our neighbor’s yard.  We lived on an 88 acre parcel in suburban New Hampshire.  ... Read More

Transparency Talk Is Cheap for Chile’s Politicos

EspañolTransparency has been the buzzword in Chile for the past two weeks, as it has begun to appeal to politicians of all stripes. However, if recent events have made anything clear, it is that 26 years after the end of Augusto Pinochet’s reign, the emperor still has no clothes. Two principal