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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Reelection and Corruption: A Dangerous Mix for Democracy

Four consecutive governments by the Workers’ Party in Brazil have led to endemic corruption. ( EspañolWith the return of democracy to Latin America at the end of the 1980s came constitutional regimes, the majority of which limited presidential reelection. However, this soon changed: following the example of the government (soon turned Read on PanAm Post

Fresh Evidence Emerges in Chile’s Presidential Corruption Scandal

The Caval case has seen Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet’s approval ratings drop by 18 points. (Primicia Diario) EspañolOn Friday, March 20, a second contract came to light newly implicating Sebastián Dávalos, the son of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, in the alleged use of his political influence to secure a US$10 million bank Read on PanAm Post

Chile’s Women’s Ministry: A Victory for Gender Equality?

A march during International Women’s Day in Catalonia, Spain: “Women now rule Chile.” (PsChile/CiC Catalunya) EspañolInternational Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year, but I’ve never cared much for it. Some decades ago, the Soviet bloc used the occasion to applaud women engineers, metal, or construction workers, and give Read on PanAm Post… ... Read More

Caveat Emptor in Chile!

I know that the same thing happens everywhere: businesses, property owners and sales people slip up, cheat or botch deals that end up hurting buyers and consumers. But such is so often the case in Chile that I would be remiss not to bring up some examples so that newcomers can be better prepared. Here are a ... Read More

Bachelet Gives Chilean Feminists a Shot in the Arm with New Ministry

President Michelle Bachelet went all out for International Women’s Day, hosting a celebration in Santiago and announcing the creation of a new government ministry specifically for women in Chile. (@GobiernodeChile) This year’s International Women’s Day proved to be a major coup for feminism in Chile. President Michelle Bachelet hosted the Sunday celebration Read on PanAm Post

Chilean Judge Orders Preventative Jail for Penta Executives

EspañolOn Saturday, March 7,  a Chilean judge ordered preventative detention for six top executives of business group Penta on charges of tax fraud and bribery, amid a scandal involving millions of dollars worth of illegal campaign contributions for several conservative politicians. Business group Penta is accused of making illegal campaign contributions and tax fraud. (Voz Read on PanAm Post

Chile, Wake Up! Corrupt Politicos Rely on Your Lethargy

EspañolDespite everything, I welcome the arrival of March. It’s usually a month dreaded by Chilean students — when school, timetables, and uniforms all begin again (I’m no fan of enforced uniformity either). Parents also have their own reason for resenting the month: it’s time to pay the fees for said schools (for