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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Will the Real Chilean Voter Please Stand Up?

Support for Michelle Bachelet’s reforms is rising, which could spell bad news for the Chilean economy. (Diario Longino) EspañolIt appears that the public image of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet is in recovery mode, even if a a considerable majority of Chileans still regard her unfavorably. According to the GFK Adimark polling

Why Two Chilean Guerrilla Turned Away from Communism

Coauthors Mauricio Rojas (left) and Roberto Ampuero (right) shared a similar path in becoming disillusioned with communist ideology. (Roberto Ampuero) EspañolWhat happens when two former Chilean exiles, both ex-communist militants, get together for a cup of coffee and have a long and honest conversation? Answer: the birth of a book, Diálogo de

Immigrants that Are not Welcome in Chile

Immigrants from 51% of the countries of the world are not readily welcome in Chile. It is very difficult for most people in the world even to obtain a tourist visa. The restriction applies mainly, although not exclusively, to Third World, Muslim, violence-ridden and communist countries. Some notable non-Muslim standouts included in the lists are ... Read More

Mexico: The World Bank’s Best Place to Do Business in Latin America

While Singapore is still the best country across the globe to conduct business, according to the World Bank’s Doing Business index, Mexico and Chile top all Latin American countries. (Cosas de Emprendedor) EspañolOf all the countries in Latin America, Mexico is the best place for entrepreneurs, according to the World Bank