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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Bring with You to Chile These Little Things

Over the last 20 years that I have been associated with Chile and bringing things down here from the United States and Europe, several “little” items pop up as necessities that simply are not available in the country. Therefore, I suggest that whether you are bringing a container, pallet or … Read More

Defrauded Investors File Lawsuit to Recover Galt’s Gulch Chile

Investors engaged in a legal battle for Galt’s Gulch Chile (pictured) hope they can get at least some of their money back via properties held by the project. (GGC Rehab) The legal battle for Galt’s Gulch Chile (GGC), the development project inspired by Ayn Rand’s dystopian novel Atlas Shrugged, is heating

Hold On Libertarians: Macri Hasn’t Slayed the Socialist Leviathan

Although there might be a change of attitude, crony capitalism and populism are deeply entrenched in Latin America. (Montenegro Baena) EspañolAfter Mauricio Macri’s victory in Argentina, the idea that Latin America is leaving left-wing populism behind emerged. It might be possible. After all, populism has recently been defeated elsewhere in the region. And