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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Chilean Senate Passes Bill Allowing Same-Sex Civil Unions

Chile has become the seventh country in South America to legalize same-sex civil unions. On Wednesday, January 28, the Senate passed the Civil Union Agreement bill with 25 votes in favor, six against and three abstentions. The bill also applies to unmarried heterosexual couples. Chilean gay-rights activists celebrated the approval of the Civil

Fallout over LatAm Presidents’ Venezuela Visit Fractures Region

Español It may have started as an attempted visit by three former regional presidents to a political prisoner in Venezuela, but it has descended into a diplomatic row between the South American country and neighboring Colombia — a row that threatens to spread to the third summit of the Community of Latin American

Forestal (Poor Section of Viña del Mar)

With the exception of Vitacura (Santiago), every nice comuna in Chile has a nasty or poor section. Even Las Condes has a not-so-nice part of town near Colón and Padre Hurtado. Lo Barnechea (Santiago), with its posh La Dehesa district, also has some of the poorest places of Santiago along the Río Mapocho. However, Viña ... Read More

Chile’s Electoral Quota a Triumph for Feminist “Equality”?

In the name of equality, Chile’s democracy will only end up being more unequal. With the imminent approval of a long-planned electoral reform by the government of President Michelle Bachelet, the South American country is set to employ gender quotas to boost the representation of women in politics. Positive discrimination in favor of

Chile’s Penta Case Pulls Dozens Into Corruption Scandal

EspañolAndrés Velasco, Finance Minister during the first term of President Michelle Bachelet (2006-10) and a candidate in 2013’s presidential elections, is the latest politician to be called before investigating authorities to give evidence on the campaign finance scandal currently engulfing Chile. Velasco was summoned on Wednesday, January 14, to answer questions on

Chile’s Landmark Electoral Reform Passes Senate Hurdle

Español After a marathon 20-hour session on Wednesday, January 14, the Chilean Senate approved reform to an electoral system that dates back to the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. The objective is to increase the number of deputies and senators, and change the voting mechanism from binomial to proportional. The initiative, passed with the votes

Anonymous Blogger Claims I’m a Cult Member and That’s Okay

EspañolThere’s a person out there on the internet who claims I was raped. He uses a pseudonym to write all sorts of false accusations, one of them being that a man molested me during a cult initiation ritual. I won’t grant him any publicity by linking to his blog, but

Bolivia Backs Secret Talks on Chile Sea Access Dispute, Say Officials

EspañolBolivia reportedly sent Chile in mid-December 2014 a proposal to solve a long-standing maritime dispute, in exchange for withdrawing a petition filed before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2013, according to an article published on Sunday, January 11, by Chilean newspaper La Tercera. Bolivia allegedly offered to open negotiations around the possibility of creating

A Tour: Reñaca Beach to Viña del Mar

Sometimes we walk to get someplace. Our focus is merely to put one leg in front of the other in order to reach our destination. I find it relaxing to just walk. It helps me clear my mind, organize my thoughts and, of course, it’s good for me. I also appreciate the visual stimulation. When ... Read More

Chile Green Lights Second Company for Medical Marijuana Production

Agrofuturo has become only the second company in Chile to gain permission to cultivate and harvest medical marijuana. On Wednesday, January 6, the government authorized the firm to begin “the industrial production of medical cannabis and applied research to the production process for national and international sales.” The Chilean government has authorized