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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Overview of Nightlife and Activities for Younger People

There are many reasons to live in Santiago: jobs, business and networking, modernity, large First World areas, great medical care, extensive and modern shopping, amusement parks, bowling, golf, international access/airport hub and access to language schools or many people that speak English. Other than work and business, Viña del Mar can tick most of those boxes, ... Read More

Italy Sentences Ex-Military Officers from Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru for Crimes of State Terror

EspañolRome officials have sentenced eight people from Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay to life in prison for the deaths of 20 Italians during the Cóndor Plan in Latin America between the 1970s and ’80s. Twenty-seven soldiers were sentenced in total, of which two were Chilean (Hernán Jerónimo Ramírez and Rafael Ahumada Valderrama), one Read on PanAm Post ... Read More

Chilean Government Plans to Ram Through New Tax on Sugary Foods

Español The government of Chile is working to expand its current Food Labeling Law, which has been in force for more than six months. Specifically, they are seeking to introduce new measures such as taxes on foods high in sugar, in order to incentivize healthy eating and encourage companies to increase the nutritional Read on PanAm Post ... Read More