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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Red Hot Chile – 01/31/2014

Radio Show Topic   Main events: Hague ruling in dispute with Peru; What Chileans think of tother Latinos; violence in Costa Rica; Slang; Violence in Costa Rica; Current events in Chile Radio Show Description   Segment 1: Ruling of the Hague court on the border dispute with Peru and Chile. Segment 2: Current events: Puma ... Read More

Red Hot Chile – 01/24/2014

Radio Show Topic   Cultural Issues, Current Events (Int’l Court at the Hague), Dream Trip in Chile and Douglas Tompkins Radio Show Description   Segment 1: Housekeeping on websites, gas prices fall a little, new cap on payroll deductions, Obama reaffirms abortion but not Chile, slang words starting with “pagar”. Segment 2: More housekeeping, dream ... Read More
Day 483 of 1827: 2013 Wrap-Up, Part 2

Day 483 of 1827: 2013 Wrap-Up, Part 2

So I’ve been getting my hair cut at this place in Providencia for a couple of months now.  They do a great job and are very friendly, but I forgot to find out what the place is called. The other day while I was walking past, I finally caught the name. It’s called Lovely Woman. ... Read More

A Press Battle with Leftist Douglas Tompkins

In a recent exchange, I exposed Douglas Tompkins’ practice of billing himself as an ecologist, when his practices amount to nothing more than gaining power, profits and status at the expense of those without the means to defend themselves. This leftist succeeds in preserving nature, but poor people get hurt in the process as he ... Read More

Red Hot Chile – 01/17/2014

Radio Show Topic   Current events in Chile, dream spots in Chile, pension system, and Freedom Orchard update Radio Show Description   Segment 1: Slang for the week, Difficulties of learning Spanish, brush fires, longshoreman strike. Segment 2: Freedom Orchard capital update, last call for pre-sales, Chile a great place for libertarians to come that ... Read More

Waterfall Bend

     I have been in 70 countries and literally every town in Chile with more than 500 inhabitants (probably every town with more than 300 inhabitants), with the single exception of Isla Juan Fernández (population 812), about 1,000 kilometers to the west (off the coast) of Valparaíso. I have seen a lot of waterfalls ... Read More
Day 473 of 1827: 2013 Wrap-Up, Part 1

Day 473 of 1827: 2013 Wrap-Up, Part 1

So, as 2013 draws to a close, it’s time for me to look back at…. Argh!  Stupid jet lag! Well, anyway, it’s been long enough; let’s take a look at my goals for last year and see how I did! Strap in, boys and girls; this is gonna be a long one! Successful full-time entrepreneurship: ... Read More

Red Hot Chile 01/10/2014

Radio Show Topic   First show of 2014: fires, current events, politics, travels to the extreme south, heat, listener questions, slang words, Freedom Orchard update, Tompkins and the southern issues, Dr. Cobin interviewed by Reuters and Chilevisión TV Radio Show Description   Segment 1: Fires and heat in Chile, listener question from Aleksey on air ... Read More

Bitcoins – Not if, but When?

Greetings Regular Joes, As a new year begins, I’ve started to take up pen again to post a few updates. It won’t be the regular daily updates I shared when I first started, but will be more often than it has been over the past year. For awhile, all I did was let articles that ... Read More