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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Using a Firm Hand with Suppliers as a Business Owner

It is difficult being a manager or business owner: long hours, dealing with employees and their problems, financial and time pressures, etc. In Chile, add to the mix poor customer service and often deceit. Let me give a couple of recent examples of situations in Chile when the business owner had to deal with returning………………………………………… ... Read More

Survey Finds Chileans Conflicted on Human Rights, Apt to Discriminate

Survey reflects a divorce between Chileans’ self-reported regard for human rights and their actions. (RadioU Chile) EspañolAround 50 percent of Chileans believe that protecting human rights interferes with law enforcement, according to a survey released by the National Institute on Human Rights (INDH) on Sunday, October 17. The Third National Survey on

Exiled Cuban Doctor: “I Couldn’t Afford an Egg a Day”

Doctor Afonso says Cuba offers two types of health care: one for ordinary citizens, and one for the ruling class. (Burbuja) EspañolJuan Afonso is a Cuban-born physician. He lived, studied, and worked in Cuba under the communist health-care system. But far from the praise that uninformed observers heap on Cuba’s medical care,

Bachelet’s Brand of Austerity Is Too Little, Too Late

Do not confuse Chile’s slowdown in spending growth with real spending cuts. ( EspañolWhen Chilean Finance Minister Rodrigo Valdés presented the government’s budget for 2016, he finally cleared up some of the uncertainty surrounding the feasibility of cutting public-spending growth. He may even have revealed more than the New Majority government would have