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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Argentina Shows Chile What Not to Do

Argentina’s burdensome education spending has failed to curb high drop-out rates. (Tiempo Fueguino) EspañolSurprisingly, many Chileans look up to Argentina as an example they must follow. They often argue that support is warranted based on “free” education and health care. They also support Argentina’s nationalization policies and the incarceration of the late Argentinean dictator Jorge

Professional Soccer Is the New One-World Religion

Soccer fans’ blind nationalism has morphed into a tribal religion. (24 horas) EspañolIn early July, Chile emerged victorious from the Copa América soccer tournament that the country hosted for almost a month. Once again, the event caused the entire continent to come to a grinding halt: business slowed down, sport found

Chilean Spanish: Not So Aberrant

Language is a complex thing. For years, I have talked about how “bad” Chilean Spanish has become, degenerated over years of geographical isolation and popular ignorance. Much of the basis for my comments was rooted in the self-flagellation of Chileans themselves, which have on many occasions told me how poorly they speak by cutting out consonants……………… ... Read More

Chile’s Busybody Politicos Say You’re Too Dumb to Feed Yourself

EspañolThe Chilean government aims to tackle the country’s obesity problem with food labeling regulations. A law passed in 2012 has recently gone into effect and will force producers to include a message on packaging labels warning consumers about products high in salt, sugar, and fat. According to Chilean authorities, the people

Chilean Marijuana Users Get a Little Help from Congress

EspañolChilean lawmakers on Tuesday approved by a wide margin a bill that would allow citizens to grow and consume small amounts of marijuana for medical, recreational, or spiritual purposes. The bill now must be studied by a health committee and make its way through the Senate before being passed into

Bachelet’s Reforms Are the Last Thing Chile’s Economy Needs

EspañolThe release of Chile’s economic indicators for the month of April has raised serious concerns over the future of the country’s economy. According to IMACEC index, economic activity rose by just 1.7 percent compared to the same month a year ago, below the expected figure of 2.2 percent. With economic estimates that forecast