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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Riding the Metro and City Buses in Chile

     One of the few government enterprises that works fairly well in Chile is the Metro (subway) system, which is used by millions of people every day. There are presently five Metro lines in Santiago, with two others being built, one line from Valparaíso through Viña del Mar and inland to Limache, and the ... Read More

Notarizing Documents Written in English in Chile

     By “law” (so they say), Chilean notaries are generally not permitted to notarize any document that is written in a language other than Spanish, unless there is a Spanish translation interspersed between the lines (or attached in some other way specified by the notary). For a foreigner, this fact can become frustrating and ... Read More
5 Benefits of Living Without a Phone

5 Benefits of Living Without a Phone

Photo: The Addiction Continues by Lemuel Cantos, used under CC BY 2.0 / Cropped from original Before I left Chile, I sold my iPhone as part of an experiment to find out whether I really need to carry one. After a couple of months, I have a solid appreciation of the benefits of having a mobile communication device… but I’m also ... Read More

Marine Layer on the Chilean Coast

     Having grown up on the Southern California coast (Santa Monica, Seal Beach and Huntington Beach), I got used to the frequent “marine layer” of clouds and sometimes fog that crept onshore most days. The marine layer hardly ever extended past 5 miles inland, and served to keep the coastal communities far cooler than ... Read More

Red Hot Chile – 03/28/2014

Radio Show Topic   Chilean culture, politics, education policies, protests in the early fall Radio Show Description   Segment 1: Iquique 300+ earthquakes, bridge to Chiloe, Dollar down to 552:1, Marine layer. Segment 2: Foreign firm profits, train from Arica to Visviri to La Paz, March 22 Demonstration 25k people heterogenous, slang words, letter from ... Read More

Red Hot Chile – 03/21/2014

Radio Show Topic   Current events in Chile Radio Show Description   Segment 1: Ruthless and revealing comments of elected communist Camila Vallejo; billboards with scantily-clad women. Segment 2: billboards are bad but in your country there are worse things, Hydroaysén project being reconsidered, slang words, Lan Chile bomb threat forces landing in Mendoza, 4.2 ... Read More

Should We Really Put Gold in an IRA?

Jeff Clark, Editor of BIG GOLD “Gold is one of the dumbest things to put in your IRA,” said the slick TV commentator, with his $200 haircut, perfect white teeth, and superior attitude. “Everyone knows income-producing vehicles are best for an IRA.” I tried to ignore the prepackaged message from someone who sounded like he ... Read More

Red Hot Chile – 03/14/2014

Radio Show Topic   Bachelet presidency, educational quality and proposed reforms, other current events, slang Radio Show Description   Segment 1: Bachelet’s second term begins, slang words, comments on Chilean higher education. Segment 2: Theory of power and favor brokers in the state. Segment 3: What else will Bachelet be trying to do? How libertarians ... Read More

Red Hot Chile – 03/07/2014

Radio Show Topic   Viña del Mar, current events, Galt’s Gulch, Guns and Gold coins Radio Show Description   Segment 1: Why Viña del Mar Segment 2: Bachelet assuming power, current events and a little earthquake, slang words, Viña should be on the expat’s radar. Segment 3: Galt’s Gulch Chile and Ken Johnson whining about ... Read More