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For those traveling to Chile, expats, businesses in Chile or others with interest in Chile or serving expats and vacationers in general, we’re looking for writers to bring valuable content to Setting up your new blog is very simple.

  1. Register an account
  2. Fill in the name of your blog (this will be included in your URL
  3. You’ll be emailed instructions for logging in
  4. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be given access to themes and plugins according to your account.

In order to take advantage of the free blog service, please go to our Contact Page and follow the instructions. There’s no need to contact us. Just use the coupon code provided and you’ll be granted basic blog services. There is no expiration to this offer, though the coupon is limited to 100 uses. And the free service is yours for as long as you want. Please note that you will be charged after two weeks if you do not use the coupon.

For bloggers who provide valuable content, your articles will be featured on the blog and homepage.

Other services provided include a forum where you can interact with others and promote your blog or services, usergroups, chat services, IM and more.

This offer can be used to set up a free site to promote your product or service as well.

Okay, here’s the disclaimer – this free offer is only for those who’s products or services somehow promote Chile or travel. Any sites or blogs that promote goods in another country or that have nothing to do with Chile or travel will be deleted, or charged for their site. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. If you have doubts, please contact us with an explanation for our evaluation.

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