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Red Hot Chile – 11/15/2013

Radio Show Topic
  Elections in Chile and Evelyn Matthei platform, Update on sustainable communities, topics on Chile Viña del Mar’s best sectors, libertarian Evangelicals in 19th Century Chile, Slang, Visit with Dr Rima and Gen. Stubblebine
Radio Show Description
  Segment 1: Consulting and inquiries, letter from Don on culture in other languages, churches in Santiago with services in English and German, elections coming up.
Segment 2: Libertarian Evangelicals in Chile in the 19th Century.
Segment 3: Finish up libertarian evangelicals, Slang words of the week, Talk about political race and tips for Matthei, problems with populism in her message (alienating the Right) and need to preach a political message of more privatization, lower taxes, less control, etc.
Segment 4: Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert Stubblbine visit, comments on Galt’s Gulch Chile fiasco, Get involved with Freedom Orchard, Sectors of Viña del Mar for expats to consider living, odds and ends: blog, investors, etc.
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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