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Red Hot Chile – 9/27/2013

Radio Show Topic
Chile’s internal events and its basket case neighbors
Radio Show Description
Overview: Topics of the day, blog, books, email address, registro civil strike, IMF, romance, Ecuador and more.
Segment 1: Slangs, demand for consulting services, free stuff and low cost stuff, VIP service, Chile a great place: many are interested!
Segment 2: More comments on Ecuador, plague of interventionism in Chile’s neighbors to be avoided, hopeful end of the civil registry strike, blog.
Segment 3: Comments on Chilean events and need for liberty here, investing in Freedom Orchard, IMF growth rate proj’n, drop in gas prices, Pascua Lama shutdown.
Segment 4: Central banker Orellana absolved of guilt in molestation charge, bomber Niemeyer not given new trial, Matthei campaign, Romance in Chile focusing on men, rant against Evo Morales
Scheduled Broadcast Date

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